<%@ LANGUAGE="vbscript" %> Roaming Management Services

Roaming Management Services (RMS)

This class presents RMS and explains its functionalities that enable a GSM operator to create a RAEX compliant AA.14. The discussion explains Alerts, Document Repositories, Searches, and how to create an XML Error report. After successfully generating an error-free AA.14, your RAEX compliant AA.14 will be ready to load into the GSMA InfoCentre.  RMS services to be discussed include the following:

  • Operator Name Search
  • Document Repository
  • PRD Data Repository
  • Customer Care
  • Test SIM Card
  • Reports (via ACCESSibility)
  • Contacts
  • Administration

Note:  This class uses Voice over IP (VoIP) which requires a PC with sound capability. A conference call bridge will not be used. You can use PC speakers or a headset to listen but a headset with a microphone is recommended to enable verbal communication during class.


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